Monday, September 23, 2013

lights, camera, action

This #manicuremonday, I decided to create a look for my nails with a look that came to me while i was watching the Great Gatsby the other day. It could have been any movie really that would have inspired this idea, except for the fact that I LOVE that movie and had gone to see it in theaters more than once. On the big screen, the colors, movement and chemistry between characters literally got under my skin because it was so overpowering. Once I got the DVD however, I realized that A. I will never have a television as large as a movie theater screen and B. the DVD only played the movie in widescreen format. (dun dun dun....) I hope I'm not the only one who hates watching movies in widescreen format because otherwise I just sound like a big baby (which I probably am) but now at least I know after having read this, some other people won't be able to stop noticing those unnecessary parallel lines of doom. Because I spent so much time trying to pretend the top and bottom borders on the screen weren't there, my movie experience actually ended up revolving around them (surprise, surprise) and my efforts were fruitless. *wipes tear*


Here is what came out of my series of complaints

widescreen nails!

People do all kinds of crazy things with their nail polish so I figured why not take something positive out of something very, very negative (;

Although completely unrelated to the Great Gatsby or Hollywood moviemaking at all, here is the outfit I chose to pair with this design

Anytime I feel like a big, fall sweater is not dressy enough, I pair a flannel or other patterned collared shirt underneath for a small pop of color. I dare you to try something way out there next time you wear a sweater and leggings.

flannel: target
sweater: segue (vintage)
leggings: pink @ victoria's secret
shoes: etienne aigner @ macy;s

- nali xo

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