Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Get By With a Little Help From Polyvore

I'm happy to announce that for my second weekly #shoesdaytuesday I'll be centering a blog post entirely on shoes that I don't have.

Didn't see that coming did you? 

Combat boots are the easiest, most comfortable way to look stylish with almost any kind of fall outfit. Last fall/winter season they were the "thing" that everyone needed while they were still in the basic black/brown/solid color phase. This year everywhere I turn, there is a new, creative style of combat boot that makes it hard to want to wear any other kind of shoe. I found five pairs of combat boots that I instantly fell in love with on Pinterest and social media hopped over to Polyvore to create fashion-combat worthy outfits by using shoes that don't belong to me and the best clothes I never had.

STYLE #1: the platform combat

 YRU Raze black @ tiltedsole.com

 Nothing says 'grunge' quite like a platform shoe so I went for a more updated, girly-grunge look by pairing different patterns, a sassy beanie and gold/yellow jewelry.

STYLE #2: The maroon boot

forever xxi

Maroon is this year's black and I intend on taking full advantage of this season's generous use of one of my favorite colors. Any solid colored boot that isn't black or brown gives even the simplest outfit a sophisticated look and allows for a pop of color in the most subtle way.

STYLE #3: The jelly combat


At the crossroads of combat boot, rain boot and 90's jelly shoe comes this eccentric shoe made only for the most daring feet. I love the style and idea but still wonder if it's necessary for them to be worn with tights because of the transparent rubber material? Either way I love them and this is how I would wear them.

STYLE #4: The floral combat

doc marten @ nordstrom

If you're still trying to decide what pattern is for you this fall, choose floral. It's flattering on everyone, can be worn with with an array of different styles and trends and looks good with so many different colors. Doc Marten did it right when they looked down and realized flowers grew from the ground and should continue to be used down there. Feel free to be expressive with floral print and go all out, or make an understated outfit more wild like I did.

STYLE #5: the cutout combat

We're all familiar with ripped jeans, cutoff shorts and fringed or shred sweaters, but not many people (excluding sandal experts) ever think what would happen if our shoes didn't provide full coverage. I personally love the idea and think cutout combat boots give for great edge while still being sophisticated and not trashy. Well done, Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal

If I'm going to wear shoes with a slit in them, you better believe I am going to show that slit off. Colorful leg warmers or tights would do wonders with these babies because they show just enough to give a pop of skin or sock. Patterns could be fun too.

For links to all these wonderful items of clothing visit my Polyvore at http://annalisapetrucci.polyvore.com and make some sets of your own!

- nali xo

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