Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good Morning, Upper East Siders

Lies, deceit, infidelity...  the upper east side hasn't seen so much of it since the Real World: New York in '92. But when I turn Gossip Girl on Netflix, I'm not drawn in by anonymous texts sent hoping to ruin reputations or not-so-discreet character personality shifts. My attention is entirely on Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) for more than just his smoldering glare. It's undeniable his character has a sort of swagger that gives him permission to wear just about whatever he wants and he takes full advantage of that. I've never seen anyone rock argyle socks and shorts or a yellow and purple cardigan/pant combo as well as Chuck. Although I'd never be able to manage Chuck's exact style on myself, his technique is a great one to be influenced from. Here's my take for moda revelation of the week.

crop top: mezzanine @ buffalo exchange
pants: BDG @ urban outfitters
shoes: etienne aigner @ macy's
blazer: alyn paige (vintage)
scarf: lambswool

A tweed and corduroy mergence is something I could only see Chuck Bass wearing and although I'm not lucky enough to own his signature scarf, I found a way to incorporate a basic one into my ensemble.

Here are a few other ways Chuck provoked me to dress: 

cardigan: abercrombie & fitch
tee: mossimo @ target
shorts: cooperative @ urban outfitters
tights: forever xxi
boots; sm @ sears
cardigan: forever xxi
blouse: forever xxi
tie: enzo fabiano
jeans: miley cyrus & max azria @ walmart
shoes; forever xxi

When in doubt, embellish it out. Don't be afraid to liven up your wardrobe even though the winter months are close ahead. If you can rock it you should and although it is not a popular opinion, when it comes to patterns, more = more so mix away! Now that you've got the look down you need to come up with a pickup line. I've noticed that 'I'm Chuck Bass'  has yet to fail. (;

- nali xo

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