Thursday, September 26, 2013

American (discount) Apparel

For those of you who keep clear of thrift stores because you're into wearing name brand designers, you clearly haven't been to the right places.  I'm lucky enough to say that my thrift find of this week is an article of clothing originally sold at American Apparel. Not only was it much cheaper than it would've been had I purchased it directly from the international retailer, but it was also one of the most original things I've ever seen sold from the normally casual store. 

 For anyone who doesn't know about my love affair with high waisted pants/shorts, I LOVE them. They're comfortable, look dressy without trying too hard, and make it much easier to wear crop tops without showing too much unnecessary skin. My lovely sister Monica models the right way to wear the OR scrub-style teal AA high waisted pants.

Another thing I love: elbow patches. Anything that was originally created for men to wear that has made its way to ladies' wardrobes makes me drool because of the slight masculine touch given to a very feminine ensemble.  

top: noble u @ buffalo exchange
cardigan: dex @ t.j.maxx
shoes: no name
pants: american apparel @ buffalo exchange

I've found the best way to wear loose pants like these is to pair them with a fitted top and something that hangs over like a cardigan or jacket. The best choice is a crop or shortened top so the shirt and pants barely meet. Any other loose/high-waisted pants like these look fabulous with heels because they help to visually elongate your legs along with the higher waist.

top: forever xxi
sweater vest: forever xxi
shoes: michael shannon @ payless
necklace: claire's

shirt: american rag die @ marshall's
shoes: no name

Go out and find your own brand-name bargain today! Happy thrifting!

- nali xo

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