Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day all you lovebirds! Today is about expressing yourself to the one you love so do it! Whether it be in a nice card, a heartfelt voicemail left with a sigh of relief after someone didn't answer the phone, or a piece of paper with cheeky candy hearts glued onto it. Today is also especially fun for all the single pringles out there because we all know how much getting your nose rubbed into something you want no part of is. SO. However you feel about this holiday, I'm sure most of us can agree it's a perfect day to watch a romantic comedy. All my favorite rom-coms were shot in the past four decades and have tasteful and diverse fashion in them. Each of our leading ladies are lovely and here are the best outfits in some of the best movies. (Side note: I created these on my sister's Polyvore by accident so if you click the links to see where all the items are from, that's why it isn't my name.)

1980s - Pretty in Pink

1990s - Clueless

2000s - The Notebook

2010s - One Day

I hope you all have a happy love-filled day, no matter how you choose to spend it!

- nali xo


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