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Star-studded Timehop

The 'Timehop' app is all the rave these days. For anyone a little behind on the times, Timehop is an app that collects all your social media logins and goes back in time in your archives each day to tell you what you posted on this date one, two and three years ago. Ingenious, in my opinion, and a truly great way to remember how much less cool you were this time last year. 

While ogling over the 2014 Grammy Red Carpet photos (again) earlier today, I decided to give any celebrities who attended that read this (ha) and all the rest of you normal people a hop back in time to see how much has changed for better (or worse).

Let's start with our three time running host, 
LL Cool J

2012                                                                    2013 - Armani                                           2014

It seems the most important change through the years in Cool J's suit is the slow and subtle transition between white, black and gray. The first two years scream 'waiter!' and 'limo driver!!' to me, so I can safely say LL has moved in a positive direction with his 2014 suit, however it's hard to completely tell if that's true since I haven't seen him get dressed without a scally cap in three years.

Katy Perry

2012 - Elie Saab                                          2013 - Gucci                                                2014 - Valentino

In my humble opinion, Katy Perry is a woman of color. She has a very vibrant personality, seen on and off stage, and when she carries out that colorful passion into her wardrobe, I mentally applaud her. In 2012 and 2013, neither dress was excessively over-the-top but she looked breathtaking both nights. The blue in her dress and hair combined brought out her baby blues in a way that makeup never could, and with the sleek, simple style of her hair in 2013, the mint green was a perfect fit especially including the colorful neckline. This year, I was impressed with the pattern and design of the Valentino she wore, I just didn't find it particularly flattering or in the typical 'Katy style'. The pop of hot pink lipstick helps, but the transparentness of the dress washes her out. I'd love to see her in purple next year!

John Legend

    2012 -                                                2013 - Gucci                               2014 - Gucci

There is really nothing to complain about in terms of John Legend and his Grammy Red Carpet style. His taste isn't too out there and very classic, and each year he finds a new way to flaunt that successfully. My favorite part about each is the way they are so nicely tailored to his frame. So often, men will have a great suit with pants that fits the legs too wide or a jacket that falls too long on the hips. My personal fav of these three is the 2012 brown suit because of the way he still looks sleek and elegant without wearing all black or white. Bravo, what a legend!

Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

 2012- Dolce & Gabbana, Versace              2013 - Tom Ford & Donna Karan       2014 - Saint Laurant & Naeem Khan

I've come to look forward to this couple's ensembles each time they make an appearance at an award show or red carpet event. They have grown so much in their fashion sense and how they choose to present themselves and each year they come out looking more and more fabulous as a pair. 2012 was a nice enough look, just not as elegant as one would expect for the Grammy's. Just switching Wiz's white tee for a button up and bow tie and opting for a cream colored jacket instead of white brings him on a whole new level of classy, finally topping it off with the perfect all-black look for him this year. Amber has also  developed a more mature sense of style (maybe because of her new mommy hood?) and each year shows less and less skin and coming out on top this year looking like a lush, tall glass of champagne. 

 Alicia Keys

     2012 -  Alexndre Vauthier                           2013 - Azzedine Alaia                              2014 -  Armani Privé

Alicia Keys is another celebrity who does not have an outrageous sense of style and with a face like that, she can pull it off. I am completely satisfied with her choice of a royal blue Armani this year as opposed to black gowns the two years prior because she has the most radiating glow from her perfect caramel skin that it's a shame not to show it off. I personally have nothing against the Vauthier and Alaia gowns, however I much prefer her 2013 choice because of the section of skin visible from a cutout pattern.

Taylor Swift

2012 - Zuhair Muard                                                   2013 -  J. Mendel                                   2014 -  Gucci

It's hard not to categorize Taylor Swift as a music industry youngster until I count just how many years she's been involved and realize she's stepped foot on the Grammy Red Carpet as many times as some of the big shots! Because of Taylor's light complexion and golden hair, it's always a safe bet for her to choose a white, golden or silver dress, particularly one with sequins. She pulls it off without looking too childish but her 2014 does take me down memory lane to my prom days. Either way she looked fabulous and her makeup is always on point.


2010 - Stephane Rolland                          2013 - Osman                                           2014 - Michael Costello

There can't be too much negativity to be spoken about Beyoncé, simply because she could show up wearing a trash bag with corn on the cob rolled in her hair and still look flawless. Each time she comes to the Grammy's her outfit is always a completely different style besides the similar fit of her 2010 and 2014 dresses. It's quite obvious that form fitted dresses suit her entirely because of those luscious curves but I find myself favoring the white lace Michael Costello for a different reason. Many times when women try to wear dresses that are see-through in risqué places, I'm underwhelmed and left with a feeling of distaste in my mouth. Beyonce found a way to do it that made her look like a bride from a catalogue. Two thumbs up as usual.

Miranda Lambert

    2012 - Atelier Pavoni                               2013 - Roberto Cavalli                            2014 - Pamela Rolland

Last but not least, one of my favorite red carpet country singers. For me, Miranda's sense of style has evolved quite obviously and extremely quickly in the past three years. Her 2012 Atelier Pavoni resembles something Taylor Swift would wear at age 22, while just one year later she has chosen a perfect color and fit for someone of 30 years old (with an awesome neckline, might I add?!). Both navy and red suit her beautifully and aren't too boring while still staying classic. 

Now that I'm done judging all these people who are much much more successful than me, go finish judging the rest of the stars yourself at Us Weekly or E! Online

- nali xo

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