Friday, November 8, 2013

"I am what I am" - Doc Marten 2002/03

According to just about every 'greatest of the 90's' list, Doc Martens were one of the most worn trends between 1989 and 2000. I was never older than 7 in that timespan, so I can't vouch for it personally, but looking at old photographs of celebrities and everyday trailblazers it seems to be the case. 

Back in the day, Doc Martens were known to be worn by people in a 'grunge' or 'punk mod' fashion. But before that, they were one of the first kind of boot with sole cushioning inside, making them durable and reliable for postmen, police officers and factory workers. So they're a fashion statement for the rebellious teenager in all of us while also being substantial enough to support any kind of hard treading done in them. Originally Docs were only made in a variety of solid colors, but they now print patterns and have an assortment of different styles as well. You can see why I'd be excited when my new pair of gems, seam-packed full of history and potential was finally dropped on my front porch.

shirt: piazzitalia
leggings: burlington coat factory
necklace: new york & co
hat: h&m

top: forever xxi
cardigan: abercrombie
pants: target
belt: wet seal

shirt (view of back): forever xxi
scarf: kohl's
pants: target

These boots can give a grungy look to any outfit and depending on what color you get, can also give you the option to stand out completely. Who else do you know with floral or neon colored shoes? Use them to accent or base an entire outfit around them. Go out and make even more history in these bad boys.

- nali xo

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