Monday, November 11, 2013

America the Grateful

Today I am keeping in mind all the soldiers who have fought for this country and us, the men and women still in combat and their bravery, as well as all the men and women resting peacefully after having spent their lifetime serving for the United States. This post is dedicated to all of you, and I am eternally grateful for your sacrifices and patriotism. 

Manicure Monday is a small artistic nod towards all the armed forces of the United States through abstract shapes in our nation's colors.

I myself am a fan of wearing American flag themed clothing, especially in the red, white and blue color range, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Instead of wearing bold colors on days like today and the 4th to honor the country and its heroes (or on any day!), muted colors with star and stripe patterns works just as well, if not creatively better. I've used a blue accent to a gray stars and stripes outfit to pay my respects today.

denim shirt: forever xxi
tank: issi @ t.j.maxx
jeans: target
boots: doc martens
necklace: ny & company

 My flag shirt I am wearing is just a regular tank worn on top of a denim shirt. Go out of your comfort zone and try layering things you wouldn't normally layer. You might be surprised with the result

Say thank you to someone who's earned it today; veterans and members of the armed forces are the core of our nation.

- nali xo

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