Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Every week's the same

We can all try to deny it, but laziness is in human nature. Even the most ambitious of people procrastinate and become trifling sometimes. My own personal downfall of laziness is dressing myself during a long week of school. My intentions are always good, but by the end of the week, negligence gets the best of me. I've created a #shoesdaytuesday timeline with a week of shoes, depicting the rise and fall of my urge to impress via my feet. Lucky for you guys you get to see what I see and think every day from my not-so-tall point of view. (hold your applause) Try to read these thoughts as if they were your own, will you?

booties: jennifer lopez @ kohl's
leggings: just one @ marshall's

"I'm excited for the week. I know this week is gonna be different from last week. I'm gonna get dressed up really cute every day and put a lot of thought into what I'm wearing. It's gonna be great!"


boots: alma en pena
tights: forever xxi
shorts: urban outfitters

"Still putting in the effort. These boots are cute and my outfit isn't too casual... I'm doing pretty good this week."

moccasin booties: target
leather pants: target

"My feet hurt and it's cold out and I think it's raining and if it isn't then there are leaves everywhere I don't feel like wearing heels and these are still cute too ok"

sneakers: pom d'api
pants: bdg @ urban outfitters
"Is it Friday yet?"

booties: free lance
jumper: cache cache fr

"OMG I'm so excited it's Friday yay yay yay I have to get all dressed up so I'm motivated for the rest of the day I have a great weekend ahead of me oMG"


heels: free lance
leggings: pink @victoria's secret
sweater:   liz claiborne @ savers

 "The club can't even handle me right now"

And then the cycle starts all over again. If you don't consciously do it, pay attention to the way you dress yourself this week and I'm 73% sure you do it too. Or you will now once you've read this. May all your days be Mondays. (;

- nali xo

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