Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Are wild strawberries really wild? I will not be blamed if your wild strawberries can not be tamed."

- Shel Silverstein

Attempts to find a Halloween costume still fruitless? Orange you cutting it kind of close? Lucky for you I've matched up the perfect pear to ensure your costume is peachy.

Have you had it with the bad puns yet? I for one am just getting started (;

If you're really struggling this year to come up with a simple and creative Halloween costume, have no fear, I've got one a-peel-ing fix to open the door to a million new ideas: the tutu.

Pick any color, your favorite color, a color that makes you happy, a color that makes you sad, any kind of connection will work grape. Now, google said color and see what kind of random objects come up. Kinds of signs, flowers, candy, or fruits and vegetables. You're half way to a sublime costume. Once you have your color and your tutu of that color, just accessorize accordingly. I chose to go with the classic strawberry. Here is the fruit of my labors:

tutu: claire's, party stores, amazon
shirt: h&m
tights: forever xxi
boots: target
bandana: a.c.moore/michael's

Some kind of red shirt and tights with a green bandana ensures you'll have the sweetest costume anywhere you go this year! (Ok I'll cut it out with the bad puns) And if you want to take this costume a step further, why not go for the wild strawberry look? Tease your hair, put on crazy makeup and rip your tights. It's inventive and cute, what else could you need? 

Orange you glad I gave you this idea???

- nali xo

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