Thursday, February 6, 2014


The next two shades of a basic rainbow,  green and blue, inspired me to explore different styles of a 'school/preppy' look because they are the school colors of the college I attended last year. The green is a very preppy, letterman sweatshirt, collar popping type of look, the blue more uniform-esque. 

Green and gold were my high school colors and I always struggled to find something good to wear when we had spirit days. It doesn't hurt to wear the same color on top of each other as long as you have small highlights of other colors within the outfit.

sweatshirt: matignon high school store
blouse: american eagle outfitters (men's)
pants: target
belt: h&m
shoes: buffalo exchange

Anytime a girl wears a tie loosely around her neck, I can't help but think of the cast of Gossip Girl and they way they take their uniform code so lightly on the show!

Make a dressed up outfit more casual by switching out your regular button down blouse with a denim shirt. You're still collared up but in a less formal way.

shirt: american eagle outfitters
tie: vintage
shorts: h&m @ buffalo exchange
tights: t.j. maxx
shoes: t.j.maxx

- nali xo

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