Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Although Greece may seem far away from us North Americans, distance doesn't affect fashion trends as much as you'd expect. The floral pant trend that took over last winter was also relevant in Greece, along with the high-low top trend. Sarah Hodson studied abroad for a semester in Greece, getting to dip her toes in the rich culture of the country and immerse herself in the fashion lifestyle as well. All the clothes she models this week come straight from there!

Maroon is making as big of a storm in Greece as it has here this season. The obvious collaborations with denim or black should be avoided.. stand out by mixing it with bright colors instead. 

"These black shoes were by far my favorite purchase when I was abroad in Greece. I got them when I was traveling up to Northern Greece in Thessaloniki. When I tried them on they fit perfectly so I instantly knew I had to get them. I wore these in Greece casually out to dinner but also dressed up with them to go out at night."

This Shoesday Tuesday pick are these awesome kicks Sarah picked up at . They're tall enough to give you an edge but greatly compensated in the front ball of the foot for guaranteed comfort. 

shoes: chic boutique
pants: zara in Glyfada
shirt: island of Crete
necklace: street vendor from Thiseio

"My favorite part of this outfit is the necklace. I've never seen anything like it which means it helps me and my outfit to stand out. I bought it at a street vendor so it was a great deal!"

Want to see more Greek Week attire? Tune in tomorrow to see what else Sarah picked up overseas.

- nali xo

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