Friday, December 20, 2013

You Want

Around this time of year, it's nearly impossible to check everyone off our gift list while still managing to  treat ourselves to winter fashion necessities. The cost of beauty is just far too high! Are you stuck in this holiday funk? I'm here to help by showing you (much) cheaper alternatives to the designer stuff you want this year.

You want: The gorgeous new Michael Kors wing tote. Obviously. Just look at it, who wouldn't want that? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret though. If you aren't picky about what material your bag is made of, there are brands that make almost the same exact bag for less than 1/3 of the cost.

Michael Kors - $1,195.00 @

Dorothy Perkins - $49.00 @

With the exception of the brown highlights on the MK, this bag is the MK's twin. Seems like a no brainer to me.

You want: One of those chunky gold chains Kim K and other Hollywood big names are wearing. It's easy to get caught up in wanting real gold around your neck, we've all been there. But an accessory like this (probably) won't be worn every day. If this is something you'll only be wearing on occasion, what's the point of spending crazy amounts of money? You won't be getting it wet and rusty in the shower and it won't tarnish from overuse because it will be stored most of the time. Give your wallet a break on this one.

Nadri Hammered Flat Link Necklace - $225.00 @ Bloomingdale's

The Icing - $10.50 @ The Icing

We all knew those costume jewelry stores would come in handy.

You want: those cute and clever slogan sweaters all the A-listers have been spotted wearing on the street. In the long run it's easier and cheaper to just have them made yourself, but we all want the convenience and satisfaction of finding a really good slogan on a really cheap shirt already ready for us. It turns out, even though in the end, the idea is just fabric and ink, celebrities go for the really expensive sweaters when it comes to this trend.
Zoe Karssen - $172.42 @

Forever XXI - $24.80 @ Forever XXI

They're both even in French too!

You want: The updated combat boot look: short, chunky booties with loads of buckles. It's obvious you need these, but do you really need Jeffrey Campbell to take all your money for them?

Jeffrey Campbell - $248.00 @ Free People

Sam & Libby - $44.99 @ Target

Target now carries a line of Sam & Libby shoes ranging from boots to heels to flats and everything in between. For people who have never purchased shoes from Target, I can understand why you'd be skeptical about taking this initial step. But honestly, if you stop thinking about names and designers and just look at the actual shoe, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find (and so will your bank account).

You want: A tribal high-low cardigan. These are fairly easy to find anywhere, and you might be deceived to think places like Urban Outfitters will have them cheaper than say, Bloomingdales, or something. And they probably are! But there are stores I think are underrated in that they have trendy clothes at very cheap prices with great sales going on all the time. By stores I mean Wet Seal.

Urban Outfitters - $98.00 @ Urban Outfitters

Wet Seal - $15.00 @ Wet Seal

Enjoy those fat wallets at the end of the season (;

- nali xo

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