Thursday, December 5, 2013

Right Out of a Book

I was feeling a little book-inspired today and decided to do something creative about it. Have you ever pictured your favorite character from a book and what they might look like in person (before the movie showed you)? I've always wondered if they would be someone I could relate to on a personal level, what their interests outside the written story line would be and maybe even what their style might be like. Characters in classic novels that were written years ago may not be able to relate to society today. Trends and fads change so quickly that someone from ten years ago might step into today for the first time and not know what hit them. But what if those characters did exist today? What might they look like? What would they wear? I've taken characters out of my favorite books and through their style, predicted how they might dress alongside some of us. And since those characters were straight out of books, what better way to present them than as paper dolls?

The Great Gatsby( F. Scott Fitzgerald) :
Jay Gatsby was one of the most fabulous, best-dressed men of his time. This is to be expected since he threw the 'project x' parties of the Jazz Age. Jay Gatsby was the suit and tie type for sure, but someone in today's day and age throwing a house party might not want to get so dressed up to stay home. A fancy personality can't be strayed too far from the appropriate clothes however so I came up with a couple of snazzy outfits with elegant and casual elements to them.

Lord of the Flies (William Golding) :

For anyone who hasn't read it, Lord of the Flies is about a group of school boys whose plane crashes on a deserted island where the boys must create their own government system to survive. Spoiler alert: they become savages by the end of the novel. To me, that read as 'preppy grunge' translated in the fashion world today. When the boys weren't too busy fighting over a modern day conch shell or demanding positions of power, they may be getting dressed in something like these; each outfit has preppy and grungy elements making an entirely new kind of style.

The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton) :

The Outsiders is a more recent novel but it's still a classic to me. Taking place in the late 50s-early 60s era, the outsiders are a group of boys in lower class Oklahoma who are parts of two separate gangs that have a rivalry against each other. They are free spirits who dress mostly in denim and ripped clothing. Cleaning up their looks a bit, I figured they might wear plaid and flannel and lots of denim. Outsiders don't necessarily need to live outside of society, but they can dress against the flow. 

I hope you all feel book-inspired today and maybe get a little fashion inspiration from it too!

- nali xo

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