Friday, October 18, 2013

The past is so bright, we need shades

A very happy #flashbackfriday to all you beautiful people out there. The sun is shining, the air is warm and there's only one thing keeping you from having a perfect day: new shades. I say "new" but what I really mean is old masquerading as new. You see, my little darlings, almost every trend pasted on the pages of magazines or on billboards in New York City have been inspired by or redeveloped from trends that were huge decades ago. We are not responsible for coming up with anything from scratch because everything we think of is unconscious inspiration from something or someone else. 

One of these fabulous trends taken specifically from the 60's is the art of the sunglass. Sunglasses, like the people who wear them, come in all shapes and sizes and the more diverse the shape, the cooler the shades. Before you pick up those cat eye frames and anoint yourself a trend setter, take a minute and remember all the trailblazers who did it first. 

Style #1: The cat eye

You don't have to be a die hard Tiffany's fan to recognize this image. Miss Audrey should have been a spokeswoman for the cat eyes, she wore them so much, and she wore them well.

Although patterns are less simple and shapes can change subtly or not-so-subtly, the style is the same and they're flying off sunglass racks everywhere. Here are some modern examples of the cat eye frame.

Basic frame, wild pattern. (

Sharper edges, grungier feel. (forever xxi)

Inventive design, oompa loompa imagery (in a good way) (

A little color never hurt anyone, the minimalistic frame and naked underwire give a whole new look to a classic style. (

Style #2: Circle glasses

 The man, the myth, the Lennon. Another iconic image. This incredible man is remembered for many things, one being this look he created for himself with simple geometric shapes over his eyes. I personally think only John can pull off this exact model and lucky for me this is another frame that has been modified since it became popular. 

Peace, love, pearls. That was what Lennon said right? (nasty

Surprisingly modern retro look. Round and somehow still cat eye-esque. (

Widescreen view anyone? (nasty

Classic and chic. The thin plastic rims surprisingly add a lot to a simple frame. (urban outfitters)

Cool kids only double bar tie dye frames. (

Style #3: Square

The lovely Lesley "Twiggy" Hornby has been and will always be remembered for her teeny physique and huge sense of style. Such large glasses on such a little person is a perfect way to make a statement. You've probably never seen glasses quite as unique as these but the square shape remains in fashion in ways you may not even realize. 

This pair would probably suit Twiggy if she were still modeling now due to the twiglike characteristics of the frame. (

A bit more chunky with pink lenses. (

This square frame take on a cat eyed approach near the ears and give a combat feel with strong gold lines subtly running down the sides. These glasses mean war. (

For the truly daring: this style has an out of this world, astronomical feel to them. Use with caution and for your safety do not take out of this galaxy. (

All the frames I posted today were under $50 on the websites and stores I found them from. High fashion doesn't necessarily have to mean high prices! Go fit your face today 

- nali xo

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