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How do two hipsters communicate?



Although I wish I could take credit for that joke I found it on tumblr/pinterest/all other sites that show tumblr posts and I assume it has been swimming around the internet for some time now. The point of that cheesy yet ingenious punch line is to introduce the one kind of American shoe that will always be relevant no matter how times and trends change. Converse has been lacing up sneakers since 1908 and I don't see their legacy ending any time soon. I've always been a huge converse fan because as you expand your collection, you don't just end up with a bunch of different colored sneakers that are worn only in casual situations. Converses are made in so many varieties of styles, heights and patterns that an entire outfit changes depending on which pair of converse you decide to wear that day. For each kind of personal style, there is a converse to match perfectly. Haven't made the transition yet? Here's a little guide to help you find the pair of converse that's right for you

For the beginner: Classic Chuck Taylors, found wherever Converse are sold (Journeys, Kohl's, Amazon, etc.)

For anyone just starting out on their Converse journey, I suggest you get at least one classic pair of Chuck Taylors. They're a subtle top-off to any kind of casual outfit and can always be used to dress down a skirt or dress. This style comes in every color imaginable and is made in high-top and low-top cut.

For the free and the brave: American flag line of high-top Chuck Taylors (converse outlet, converse.com, ebay)

This line has styles ranging from grungy to girly to sleek and geometric, making it easy for anyone to honor their country and their style.

For the studmuffins: Various styles of studded sneaks (farfetch.com, free people, zappos.com, forzieri.com)

People choose to express themselves in different ways, but one of the main trends in fashion since last year in all different kinds of styles are studs as an accessory. Studs have been making appearances on handbags, shoes and other outfit extensions for about a year now. Whether you're feeling high top, low top, platform, solid or patterned, Converse has you covered for your sharp addiction.

For the comic obsessed: Chuck Taylor superhero/comic line (ebay, custom-dunk.com, converseamerica.com)

This line speaks for itself. Make a fashion statement while you're out saving the world.

For the bored: Different patterns and materials Converse has played with (shoes.com, nordstrom, free people)

If you're anything like me, you get bored with the ordinary quickly. Converse has made it easy to want to wear their brand forever by creating thousands of different patterns and designs on their shoes to make having variety easy and choosing what shoes to wear that day very very difficult (That's good business). Remember: different stores carry different kinds of converse depending on what audience they're trying to attract so keep your eyes peeled no matter where you are; Converse is not the only place to buy converse shoes. 

For the classic: Converse has created many different styles made entirely or partially or leather (forzieri.com, psyche.com, zappos.com)

Sometimes it's nice to have leather sneakers you know will last you awhile without starting to look old. I personally think Converse are the kind of shoe that look better when they're a little beat up but that goes only for the cloth ones. These leather models are timeless and classy and give a much more dressed up look to your clothes than the other Converse styles could give. 

Last but not least...
For the girly: (macy's, office.com/uk, ebay)

Converse understands that some girls don't like sneakers, or that sneakers aren't made girly enough sometimes, so they came up with these alternatives: sneaker heels and gladiator style shoes. And if hot pink platforms aren't enough to convert you to sneakers, nothing ever will. These styles are creative and original, you will hardly find them on any other feet around town. 

Find your style and pick up a slip into your pair of Converse today. 

- nali xo

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