Friday, October 11, 2013

Forever Young

In honor of my blog officially being alive and kicking for one whole month (woooohooo) I decided to give you all at treat and let you feast your eyes on a small fashionista in the making. Luckily for me, when I was just a wee tot my mom was smart enough to put me in clothes that actually looked good and weren't just good for a laugh 15 years later. Low and behold after those 15 years have passed the only noticeable change in my appearance is a very slight change in height. This #flashbackfriday goes out to mama rucci and how she planted the seed 19 years, 11 months and 8 days ago and how actually cute I was. 
p.s. I'm very aware I'm much less cute now but give me a break this was a good idea at the time. Also please forgive the quality of my pictures but cameras back then were nowhere near the technology of our phones these days 

circa Halloween '97... look at them curls!

^^ Those two pictures were taken in the same place believe it or not. I don't think the fence has been changed or replaced at all to be honest

sweater: vintage
pants: abercrombie and fitch
sneaks: no name
hat: pacsun

Memory number 2: August of '98

Once a flower child, always a flower child. Sorry for the nip slip

tank: abercrombie and fitch
jeans: flea market find with diy rips :)
belt: forever xxi
headwrap: urban outfitters
boots: target

Memory numero tres: no idea when this was taken I'm sorry I look like a demon

so many patterns, so little time

sweater: united colors of benetton (vintage)
jeans: one heart @ marshall's
shoes: steven madden @ marshall's
necklace: ralph lauren 2 buffalo exchange

I'd like to thank you all for taking this little journey with me. Exits are found in the front and rear of the blog, please remember to take all your belongings when you leave cause we don't want em.

- nali xo

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