Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Check Your Calendars

TOMORROW'S HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!

In case anyone didn't already know. Tomorrow is Halloween. I can't wait to see who everyone decides to be tomorrow night and who will be in a visible identity crisis. Follow me on instagram @ goodbetterdressed because on November 1 I'll be posting pictures of my favorite costumes I saw on the internet and in the outernet. My final Halloween themed inspiration of the week for this year is today (tear) so I decided to go out with a bang. Or should I say, out with a two-step. 

I've created the quick-fix recipe to the 80's style dance/workout girl that has proven to be a Halloween hit over the years. It's ridiculous to pay $30+ at the party store when you could put together an identical uniform for free. 


1 pair of brightly colored leggings/ tights. I know you've all been to at least one neon party (a sweet sixteen probably). Pull those babies out of the back of the drawer.
1 vintage authentic workout leotard (if your mom was cool enough to have one like mine) 
Leotard may be substituted with solid colored full body bathing suit
2 leg warmers (any color)
1 off the shoulder sweatshirt (bonus points if it has a vintage logo/movie on it)
2 sneakers (high-top, low-top, sparkly, patterned, whatever you want)

No baking necessary for heat!

sweatshirt: forever xxi
leotard:  vintage
leggings: target
leg warmers: wet seal
sneakers: pom d'api

If you're feeling daring, why not try out the gym in these duds? 

Because not every trend from the 80s should come back, that's why not.

Happy Halloween-ing everyone! Have a safe and wonderful day/night, however you choose to spend All Hallows Eve.

- nali xo


  1. As a guy, I love wearing those exact outfits! :) Leotards legwarmers and all! ;) Aerobics is my thing! :)

  2. You are awesome!!!
    Where did you get that sweatshirt???
    I need it in my life so hard right now:-)


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